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Corporal WR/256137

Charles Frederick Bloor

14th Light Railway Operating Company Royal Engineers

Killed in action at Poperinghe on Tuesday 13th August 1918.

Although the British army on the Western Front used the French standard gauge railways to move men, equipment and supplies along the lines of communication from the Channel Ports to the Divisional railheads from the earliest days of the Great War, it relied largely on horsed transport and manual effort to move it from the railhead to the front lines. The formation of the RE Light Railways companies in early 1917 was an innovation that was one of the factors that transformed the operational abilities of the army. Goods and men could now make the last leg of the journey to the front by light rail.

The 14th Light Railway Operating Company Royal Engineers arrived in France on Tuesday 22nd May 1917.

Burial Place

Charles is buried in the Hagle Dump Cemetery, Belgium.







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