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Sapper 1888333

Harry Allsopp

4th Field Squadron Royal Engineers

Killed on Saturday 2nd December 1944 aged 28

He was a POW in Stalag 344 and was in a forced labour camp E3 Blechhammer when he was killed during an air raid.

The 4th Field Squadron Royal Engineers was one of the first of the new Sapper units to be raised in WW2.

It was a frontline unit that went onto the battlefield and did activities (mostly under fire) like building bridges, laying or removing mines, repairing roads, demolishing roadblocks and other general tasks in combat.

Burial Place

Harry is buried in the Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Poland.

At the end of the Second World War, the graves service of the British Army of the Rhine gathered together Commonwealth graves from all over Poland into three cemeteries, this being the largest. Those buried here died while prisoners of war during the German occupation.


25 Holbrook Road, Belper


Born on Sunday 8th August 1915 Harry was the son of Frank and Sarah Allsopp, of Crown Terrace Belper and the husband of Florence May Allsopp (nee Hallsworth) they were married in 1936 and had one daughter Eileen.


Before the war Harry was an Artificial Silk Spinner.

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