Appeal for help about Belper in the years after World War One

We are undertaking a research project (funded by the University of Nottingham and the Arts and Humanities Research Council) to look at life in Belper just after World War One. It is relatively easy to find out about the war itself, but the effects of the war on the people involved, the soldiers, their families, the people who stayed at home, lasted for many years.

We are looking for people who have information and memories about life after World War One in Belper. If you have a story about that period, whether it is something relating to your own family, or something you heard elsewhere, we would like to hear about it. If you are willing, we would like to record a short interview with you. We would also like to hear about any written information you have. We are not just looking for detailed stories, snippets of information are important to us. We understand that most of these stories are going to have been passed on across generations. They are still of interest to us.

After the War

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