Sacrifice sculpture visualisation

Fourteen Belper men died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916. Sacrifice depicts Jim Green a Lance Corporal in the 1st/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters who lived on Cow Hill in Belper. Captain Wheetman of the Sherwood Foresters wrote “We cannot look back with anything but regret on that awful battle, when so many lives were sacrificed apparently to no purpose. July 1st is not our happiest of days”.

Sacrifice was originally produced as part of a performance in 2016 honouring these men. So successful was the performance that various requests were made to create a permanent version of the sculpture somewhere in the Town.

Belper Town Council have now approved a permanent installation in Belper’s memorial Gardens.

The sculpture was designed by local artist Andy Mayers, originally built in wood and foam board with the help of The Belper Art Group, the permanent version will be made from Cor-ten steel which will rust initially creating a lasting seal from the elements.


Your Help

We need your donations to make this project a reality, funds are needed for material and installation costs. Various people have already given their skills and expertise to the project and a position in the memorial Gardens has been approved by the Town Council.


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